Cambridge Raman Imaging selected to coordinate a European Union grant to transform cancer diagnosis and treatment

Cambridge Raman Imaging (CRI) has announced it was selected to coordinate a project that received a €3.3 million grant in the European Innovation Council’s (EIC) Transition call.

The project, called CHARM, aims to develop a medical device based on high-speed, low-cost Raman digital imaging technology and artificial intelligence to transform cancer diagnosis and treatment. The technology will analyze the molecular composition of patient tissue samples to distinguish cancerous from healthy cells without the need for chemical staining.

Researchers develop new graphene-based sensor for rapid detection of bacterial pathogens

A research group from Sweden's Chalmers University of Technology and the Technical University of Denmark has shown that graphene can rapidly distinguish between types of bacteria. The team therefore set out to create extremely sensitive sensors, that can generate rapid signals upon bacterial colonization.​

The team developed a simple prototype sensor based on pristine, non-functionalized graphene. The detection principle is a change in electrical resistance of graphene upon exposure to bacterial cells. Without functionalization with specific receptors, such sensors cannot be expected to be selective to certain bacteria. However, the researchers demonstrated that two different bacterial species can be detected and differentiated by the new sensor due to their different growth dynamics, adherence pattern, density of adhered bacteria and microcolonies formation.

Zentek enters agreement with GMAF Circular Medico for graphene-enhanced Circular PPE

Zentek has announced that it has entered into a binding letter of intent with GMAF Circular Medico ApS (“GMAF”) to produce and sell ZENGuard™-enhanced GMAF trademarked recyclable surgical masks (“Circular PPE”).

Zentek’s Medical Device Establishment License (“MDEL”) allows the Company to work with other manufacturers and distributors around the world to sell Class I PPE products in the Canadian market. Pursuant to the terms of the LOI, ZEN and GMAF have agreed to negotiate a definitive agreement to bring Circular PPETM coated with ZENGuard™ to the Canadian market while also evaluating regulatory requirements in other target markets. Commercial sales of Circular PPETM with ZENGuard™ outside of Canada will be subject to applicable regulatory approvals.

Grapheal wins CES 2022 Innovation Award

Grapheal has received an award for its graphene-enabled products at CES 2022.

Graphene Flagship Associated Member Grapheal has won the “Best in Innovation” Award from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), considered the world’s most influential technology event. “We’re thrilled to receive this honor,” says Vincent Bochiat, CEO and co-founder of Grapheal. The company develops graphene-enabled technologies for the healthcare and medtech sectors.

New graphene-based neural probes improve detection of epileptic brain signals

Researchers the UK and Spain have demonstrated that tiny graphene neural probes can be used safely to improve our understanding of the causes of epilepsy.

The graphene depth neural probe (gDNP) consists of a millimeter-long linear array of micro-transistors imbedded in a micrometer-thin polymeric flexible substrate. The transistors were developed by a collaboration between The University of Manchester’s Neuromedicine Lab and UCL’s Institute of Neurology along with their Graphene Flagship partners.