Zenyatta Ventures establishes European subsidiary ZEN-tech to handle graphene business

Zenyatta logoZenyatta Ventures, a Canadian graphite explorer, has formed a wholly owned European subsidiary company named ZEN-tech Materials to focus on the development and commercialization activities of graphene applications and the allocation of any associated intellectual property and worldwide licensing.

Zenyatta stated that the formation of ZEN-tech is a strategic move that will provide it with a way to capture value and advance graphene application development separate from the mineral development business. Zenyatta will continue to focus on advancing the Albany graphite deposit towards production and will supply highly crystalline, purified graphite to ZEN-tech, academics and end users.

Carbon Sciences teams up with graphene expert to form new graphene venture

Carbon Sciences logoTransphene is a new graphene venture jointly owned by Carbon Sciences and Dr. Kaustav Banerjee, the will concentrate on the commercial development of a technology to mass produce graphene.

Carbon Sciences is an American-based company that develops a graphene production process technology that was originally invented at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). The process transforms natural gas into commercial size sheets of graphene that can be fine-tuned with application-specific electrical and materials properties. Carbon Sciences is a public company trading on the NASDAQ (OTC:CABN). 

National Graphene Institute attracts more collaborators

Morgan Advanced Materials logoThe UK's National Graphene Institute (NGI), to be opened in March 2015, teams up with yet another company, Morgan Advanced Materials, to become project partners and collaborate in graphene research. The partnership with Morgan Advanced Materials is meant to improve the prospects of pushing forward graphene commercial use. 

This agreement follows last month's similar agreement between the NGI and 2-DTech. Both 2-DTech and Morgan Advanced Materials joined 30 other partners currently working on graphene research and commercialization projects with the University of Manchester.