Versarien moves to establish a graphene center in China

Versarien LogoVersarien has announced the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) to establish a graphene manufacturing center in China.

The non-binding LOI has been entered into by Versarien together with the Shandong Institute of Industrial Technology Fund, Jinan Qing Na Material Technology and Jinan Innovation Zone Administrative Committee with the view to establishing the “China-UK Jinan Graphene Industrial Park” in the Jinan Innovation Zone, Shandong Province, China.

Gnanomat opens new laboratories and pilot plant

Gnanomat logo image newGnanomat, a Spain-based company that designs and develops graphene-based nanomaterials for energy storage devices, recently opened new laboratories and pilot plant.

The construction and commissioning of the pilot plant will allow the scaling of its promising graphene-based nanomaterials on a pre-industrial scale. The plant will allow Gnanomat to produce up to 100 kilos of its product, a hybrid between GNP and metallic oxides, per year.

Directa Plus to supply 250 kilos of G+ graphene to Vittoria

Directa Plus logoDirecta Plus recently received a purchase order from Vittoria, for 250 kilos of G+ graphene. The material is meant for use in the Italian company's range of graphene-enhanced bicycle tyres and wheels. Directa Plus says it expects to receive further orders during 2018.

Vittoria makes seven million tyres per year, and claims that adding a layer of graphene allows its tyres to remain hard on the straights but soften during braking or cornering. The Graphene+ tyres are also longer-lasting and more puncture resistant, says the Italian company, and they dissipate heat more efficiently.

Talga reported positive results from graphene-enhanced epoxy resin-based coatings

Talga Resources logo 2017Talga Resources has announced positive initial test results from epoxy resin-based coatings formulated using Talga’s Talphene branded graphene. Epoxy based coatings are used in various applications, from internal concrete flooring to urban construction products, and they particularly suit anti-corrosion applications.

Talga’s tests used a formulated dispersion of Talga’s few layered graphene (FLG) and graphene nanoplatelets (GNP), mixed into a two-part epoxy resin. Initial test results show significantly improved coating performance attributes including higher corrosion resistance, increased mechanical strength and higher abrasion resistance compared to the control coatings using commercial type zinc-rich epoxy. Among the key performance gains reported (against control epoxy coatings) are 160% increase in tensile strength, 80% increase in abrasion resistance and 2 orders of magnitude decrease in corrosion rate over zinc-rich epoxy.

Versarien announces collaboration with global consumer goods company

Versarien LogoVersarien, the advanced materials engineering group, has announced that it has now started collaborating with one of the “world’s largest consumer goods groups” to enable both groups to work together on research, development and testing of Versarien's proprietary Nanene few layer graphene nano-platelets in polymer structures.

The Partner has provided its first Nanene purchase order to Versarien. The Nanene will be incorporated into polymer structures, primarily for packaging applications, for testing and evaluation, with a view to improving material strength, moisture control and recyclability.

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