Graphene Frontiers announces patent for roll-to-roll graphene transfer process

Graphene Frontiers logoThe U.S based Graphene Frontiers, developer of graphene materials and device technology, announced securing a U.S patent (No. 8,822,308) for the transfer of graphene films between surfaces using roll-to-roll processes.

The patented process is meant to be a cost-effective, etch-free transfer process, allowing manufacturers to avoid dissolving or consuming the substrate metal. It is reportedly also compatible with other materials, including nanomaterials.

Korea leads in number of graphene-related patents filings

According to the Korean IP Office, in 2013 4,255 graphene related patents were applied for in Korea - up from only 57 in 2008. Korea is the leading country in terms of graphene patents, followed by the US (3,559) and Japan (1,583).

In the US there were 1,262 graphene patents filed by non-US research organizations, and 47% of those (603 patents) were filed by Korean organizations.

Future Carbon acquires graphene and CNT patents from Bayer

Future Carbon logoFuture Carbon, a carbon nanomaterials and supercomposites developer and manufacturer, announced that is acquired several graphene and CNT patents from Bayer.

Future Carbon hopes to commercialize Bayer's technology. Bayer themselves withdrew from the CNT market in 2013. Bayer has been researching carbon nanotubes for over 10 years and the IP includes complex issues relating to safe production and methods for scaling up the production processes. Bayer's IP also includes next-generation catalysts and new product grades.

Cientifica's partner licenses a CVD graphene process patent for energy storage applications

Cientifica logoLast month Cientifica signed an exclusivity agreement with London Graphene to develop technology using graphene for energy storage. Today Cientifica announced that London Graphene signed an option agreement with ISIS Innovation (the technology transfer office for the University of Oxford) to license a patent filed by Isis Innovation.

This patent application details a 2D nanomaterial CVD-based production process that can be used to make high quality graphene on copper foil. This patent will be used in the company's energy storage project, and in fact the option is exclusive to the fields of capacitors and batteries.

IP Group extended its commercialization agreement with the University of Manchester to include graphene projects

UK-based IP Group announced that it extended its commercialization agreement with the University of Manchester (via its technology transfer company, UMI3), to include Proof-of-Principle (PoP) funding for graphene projects. The IP Group will also commit a further 2.5 million GBP ($4.1 million) per the revised terms of the agreement.

IP Group is a developer of IP-based business. One of its portfolio companies is Applied Graphene Materials that recently raised £10 million by going public in the UK's AIM stock exchange.