Talga Resources logoTalga Resources has announced that commissioning of all stages of the Phase 2 German pilot test facility has been successfully completed.

In April 2016, Talga announced the commissioning of its Phase 2 processing plant in Germany and has now provided further updates. The pilot test plant is currently configured so that approximately 76% of the input graphitic carbon reports to graphene products (FLG and GNP) and the remaining carbon reports to Talga’s building sector (micrographite) products.

The Phase 2 plant capacity for ore treatment is approximately 30 tonnes per year from a single modular exfoliation platform consisting of several Phase 2 and 1 exfoliation cells. Further platform modules are being considered and construction of these could take place in parallel to the design and testing of larger equipment for a final Phase 3 plant.

Talga now has the ability to consistently manufacture graphene and micrographite (from various stages of the process circuit) for a range of targeted products. Inputs can be supplied as raw materials to end users (i.e. conductive additives), or used by Talga to prepare value added products such as metal pre-treatment coatings, conductive inks, cement additives, battery components and membranes.

In September 2016, Talga signed a collaboration agreement with JenaBatteries to jointly explore the use of Talga’s graphene products in flow batteries. In August 2016, Talga announced its new graphene commercialization strategy, made possible by the growth and scale-up of Talga’s pilot plant facility in Germany.