Talga Resources fast-tracks graphene-enhanced silicon anode product

Talga Resources has provided an update on the commercial progress of its graphene-enhanced silicon anode lithium-ion battery product Talnode-Si. Following encouraging early test results, further technical and commercial development of Talnode-Si has been underway at Talga’s facilities in Europe.

Results from this latest phase of development reportedly show continued success of Talga’s silicon anode approach which uses lower-cost metallurgical-grade silicon for a high-energy density anode with mass-producibility potential.

In conjunction with in-house product optimization, full-cell customer testing has been progressing under confidentiality and material transfer agreements with multiple battery manufacturers and auto OEMs in Europe and USA. Positive results from initial tests in unoptimized (commercial electrolyte and non pre-litheated) Li-ion battery cells have been received and are encouraging to fast-track further development and potential commercialization.

To address the increased commercial sample demand, Talga has shifted its Talnode-Si sample production onto industrial scalable process and production equipment, boosting the Company’s sample production capacity 10x.

Commenting on the silicon anode advancements, Talga Managing Director Mark Thompson said: The positive trajectory of interest in Talnode-Si from battery customers and our emerging project development partners is most pleasing. The recent market recognition of our pragmatic approach in using metallurgical-grade silicon to provide performance at significantly lower potential cost is a sign that our team had great forethought in the development of this unique product and process. We look forward to fast-tracking the development and commercialization of Talnode-Si as part of our vertically integrated business strategy to provide high performance anode material at a competitive price and produced to the highest environmental standards.

To support the advancing product and market development of Talga’s silicon anode, and following successful metallurgical tests, the Niska Scoping Study has been expanded to include production of the graphene-graphite precursors used to make Talnode-Si.

The incorporation of this precursor material production into the process flowsheet could provide significant upside to the Niska expansion of the Vittangi project, and as a result the study will now be available November 2020.

Talga will additionally move to fast-track Talnode-Si preliminary feasibility studies targeting standalone commercial production options in Europe. The studies are planned to be finalized in the first quarter of 2021.

Posted: Oct 14,2020 by Roni Peleg