Thermene launches a graphene oxide based thermal paste for CPU cooling

Thermene launched a new product based on graphene - the Thermene Graphene Thermal Paste is based on graphene-oxide flakes and is aimed towards CPU cooling. The company just started selling this new product a few days ago. For $20 you can buy 3 ml of Thermene which should be enough for about a dozen CPUs.

Thermene is easy to use - it comes with a simple paint brush and you simply apply it to your CPU surface. The material takes 10 hours to cure.

The company says that the material is 50% advanced thermal base, 50% fluid-suspended graphene nano-particles at a high purity of at least 80%. We were told that the graphene supplier is Graphene Supermarket. Specifically they are using graphene oxide flakes (or platelets) which is at least 80% one layer graphene.

You can find more information and order Thermene online here

Posted: Oct 03,2013 by Ron Mertens