Thomas Swan develops prototype of graphene-reinforced carbon fiber composite

Chemicals manufacturer Thomas Swan has announced an expansion of its range of formulated Elicarb Graphene materials with a prototype product focusing on the manufacture of a carbon fiber composite prototype.

Thomas Swan's graphene composite prototype image

Initial independent testing with unidirectional carbon fibers reportedly gave very encouraging results. Adding 1% wt Elicarb Materials Grade Graphene in the epoxy resin in the manufacturing of a carbon fiber laminate improved flexural strength and modulus. This gave the company motivation to move the development one step further and manufacture a commercially relevant carbon fiber prepreg (a woven cloth of carbon fibre pre-impregnated with resin). This prototype was prepared by working collaboratively with an established and experienced third party.

Thomas Swan will continue to develop, test and improve these materials and will work with selected partners to turn these into products over the coming months. Samples of these materials are going to be made available to companies interested in working with Thomas Swan.

Thomas Swan’s Managing Director, Harry Swan, added: This represents an exciting step forward for Thomas Swan’s Advanced Materials division; these materials have a range of potential applications, including lighter body parts in high performance automotive applications, sporting equipment and perhaps ultimately in aerospace.

Posted: Nov 05,2017 by Roni Peleg