The University of Surrey esablishes a new graphene center

The University of Surrey in the UK is establishing a graphene center, within its Advanced Technology Institute (ATI). The Institute will extend its research into the uses and manufacture of graphene across such applications as high frequency electronics, flexible and transparent electronics, smart coatings and interconnect technology. The university is also interested in using graphene in solar cells, supercacitors, printed transistors and OLED displays.

The ATI developed Photo Thermal deposition technology that can deposit electronic grade graphene on wafer scale substrates. The tool performs catalyst deposition and graphene growth, allowing high volume production. The graphene center received more than £1.2 million (over $2 million) from the EPSRC, NPL and a range of industrial companies. Academic partners in the new center include the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Imperial, Exeter, Trinity College Dublin and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Posted: Jun 19,2014 by Ron Mertens