Versarien enters agreement with Israel Aerospace Industries to develop graphene-enhanced aerospace composites

Versarien has announced a collaboration with Israel Aerospace Industries in order to develop and test its graphene technology in aerospace composite structures.

According to Versarien, IAI had agreed to buy its Nanene few-layer graphene nano-platelets technology. IAI, a defense and aerospace company, will incorporate it into composite panels for testing and evaluation with the potential to develop it commercially.

Versarien's CEO added: "The agreement with IAI is a significant step forward for Versarien, our first graphene collaboration in the aerospace sector, but it is just one example of the global relationships we are developing. There is increasing interest in the benefits that high-quality graphene, of the types manufactured by Versarien, can add to material properties and we look forward to announcing further collaborations in due course."

In September 2017, Versarien also entered a contract with the Centre for Process Innovation Ltd, an innovation arm of the UK government, to supply graphene in a variety of forms for a variety of potential applications.

Posted: Oct 31,2017 by Roni Peleg