Versarien partners with textile manufacturer OG-Classic on graphene-enhanced garments

Versarien has announced a partnership with sports and leisurewear manufacturer OG Classic, to integrate its Graphene-Wear technology into its enhanced team sports and leisurewear product line.

The partnership will see graphene-enhanced fabrics emerge into the Middle Eastern market with Versarien’s Graphene-Wear technology featuring in apparel lines by the Dubai-based manufacturer.

The Graphene-Wear formula will enable wearers to experience enhanced thermal transmittance, increased moisture management and drying rate of the garments.

Research and trials conducted by Versarien and University of Gloucestershire explored the thermal and moisture management properties of graphene-enhanced sportswear against garments from high-market share brands and assessed the wearers’ perception and comfort levels whilst wearing the garments.

Graphene-Wear is the next generation of sportswear technology developed by Versarien Plc, utilizing the Nobel Prize-winning advanced material graphene. Independent research has highlighted Graphene-Wear’s superior thermal and moisture management properties for optimal sports performance. Now, OG Classic is bringing this wonder material to the Middle East. Graphene-Wear will soon be the garment technology of choice across the Middle East and beyond, said Versarien’s CEO, Neill Ricketts.

Simon Lewis, Managing Director at OG Classic, said: We are incredibly excited to be working with Versarien on our enhanced textiles line with their innovative graphene technology. This technology integrated into our sports, corporate and leisurewear portfolio will lend well to our customers who always require increased performance and comfort. This innovation enabled us to think about the future of fashion, and we are looking forward to seeing how graphene and our partnership with Versarien can unlock this.

Posted: Jun 02,2022 by Roni Peleg