Versarien LogoVersarien announced its financial results for the year ended on March 31. While revenues rose to £5.9 million (from £4.4 million in the previous year), the company's pre-tax losses also increased £2.2 million (from £1.8 million). At the end of the year Versarien had £1.4 million in cash and equivalents.

As part of its report, Versarien says that it entered into agreements to develop graphene enhanced polyetherketone type materials. Versarien also says that it shipped £100,000 worth of graphene to a European customer.

In February 2017, Versarien launched a new graphene brand, called Nanene. In January 2017, Versarien acquired a majority stake in Cambridge Graphene. Today Versarien revealed that it paid £170,000 for a 85% stake in Cambridge Graphene, which puts the company valuation at £200,000.