Water Purification

Last updated on Fri 22/07/2022 - 14:49

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Good morning from Windsor, Canada.

I have been following Graphene for a few years now and have investments in Graphene companies such as Haydale and Zenyata. Anyone following these companies will see that I am taking a beating at the moment, however I am very optimistic about the future of these companies once true commercialisation of Graphene is taking place.

You may remember a few years ago when a string of patents were secured for Graphene based products. One such patent was registered by Lockheed Martin. It had to do with the filtration of water. Ron, please correct me if my facts are not correct, but the idea was to run water (any water) through a graphene filter and allow only water molecules to penetrate. To me this was one of the most exciting ideas and would solve the shortage of clean water for millions of people. I did not invest in LMT as I thought it was too expansive but I am still interested to find out what happened to this patent and it's development.

I hope we can start an informative discussion about this subject.