Zenyatta logoZEN Graphene Solutions, formerly called Zenyatta Ventures, is a mineral exploration and development company based in Ontario, Canada. Zen is developing the Albany Graphite Deposit – a rare hydrothermal graphite deposit with the potential to produce a natural, high-purity graphite that may compete in high-technology markets traditionally reserved for synthetic graphite.

The company's high crystallinity graphite can be upgraded without the use of aggressive acid (HF) or high temperature thermal treatment. Zen has developed an environmentally friendly metallurgical process flowsheet that consists of grinding, flotation and caustic treatment using sodium hydroxide. The company states that it has been able to achieve an extraordinary carbon purity result of >99.9 percent in bench-scale tests, using this proprietary and environmentally friendly purification process.

According to the Zen, current end uses for its graphene materials include composites (concrete, rubber and plastics), energy storage and environmental applications but many more are under development.

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1224 Amber Drive
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6M5

The latest ZEN Graphene news:

Canada-based University of Guelph to receive grant for graphene research

A professor at the University of Guelph in Canada is receiving $1.4 million CAD (a little over $1 million USD) over the next seven years toward his research, which includes developing practical graphene applications. Prof. Aichen Chen was recently named as a tier-1 Canada Research Chair in electrochemistry and nanoscience, a title that came with the $1.4 million in funding.

For the past five years, Chen has been working with graphene — aiming to use it to create innovative green technologies for projects like energy storage and clean drinking water.

Zenyatta to collaborate with German Aerospace Center on graphene composites

Zenyatta logoZenyatta Ventures has announced that it will be commencing a new research collaboration with the University of British Columbia (UBC)-Okanagan Campus and the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (“DLR”, the German Aerospace Center) to investigate the potential use of Albany Graphite for graphene and graphene oxide in new composite materials.

Dr. Lukas Bichler, who will be leading the composite development project, said: “UBC researchers have established a partnership with DLR, which seeks to provide unique educational and research opportunities for future engineers. Also, the partners bring together Canadian and European industry partners and allow effective technology transfer and rapid innovation”.

Zenyatta raises over $500,000 USD in private placement

Zenyatta Ventures has announced the closing of the private placement announced earlier this year. Approximately $712,000 CAD (around $535,200 USD) was raised in respect of the equity offering.

The funds will be used for general expenses of the Company, including the advancement of the Albany project, initiating an Environmental Assessment, and other corporate expenses.

Zenyatta to concentrate on GO-enhanced li-ion batteries, as part of a broader graphene development strategy

Zenyatta logoZenyatta Ventures recently stated that it will concentrate efforts on the next generation lithium-ion battery (‘LIB’) utilizing advanced nanomaterials. Recent testing has shown Zenyatta’s graphene oxide combined with silicon to perform well in this new advanced battery being developed by an innovative materials company in the United States.

This advanced battery program is part of a broader graphene development strategy; Along with the new LIB’s, the Company will also focus on using its graphene for enhancing present day composite materials like concrete, rubber and plastic.

Zenyatta reports positive results for graphene-enhanced cement

Zenyatta logoZenyatta Ventures has announced significant results from the cement-based composite test work that was recently conducted by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (“BGU”) in Israel. BGU tested the performance of Zenyatta graphene oxide in a new cement/concrete admixture and the results demonstrated a remarkable reinforcing effect, with a compressive strength enhancement of 34% and a flexural strength enhancement of 62% over normal cement paste.

Dr. Oren Regev, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at BGU, stated “These enhancements are among the highest reported in the literature for nanocarbon-loaded matrices (Carbon nanotubes, graphene nanoplatelets and other GO available in the market), suggesting that Zenyatta GO is extremely attractive for cement nano-reinforcement.”