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Recent Graphene news:

Graphene online course available worldwide

the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden announced the 2015 launch of ChalmersX, a venture of moocs (massive open online courses) on the platform.

The first mooc will be an introduction to graphene, called Introduction to Graphene Science and Technology, as Chalmers is also the home of EU's research initiative Graphene Flagship.

Graphene-based scanner that can expose hidden details of artwork

European researchers from the Insidde, the Seventh Framework Programme (a European Union funded project) are working on the development of a graphene-based scanner, which can be used to reveal hidden apsects of artwork and other historic objects.(a) Ceramic from the III century. (b) Setup for 3D acquisition with a structured light scanner. (c) 3D model resulting from raw data before post-processing.

The scanner will allow viewing concealed details on canvases, like preliminary sketches or former paintings, as well as the way brush strokes were done. This information can shed light on how great art was made, and also be helpful for conservators for the restoraion of paintings.

2-DTech enters agreement with the National Graphene Institute

The UK based 2-DTech, maker and supplier of 2D materials and University of Manchester spun off start-up has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to become a project partner of the National Graphene Institute (NGI).

The agreement will allow 2-DTech to work from the NGI facility upon its completion in March 2015, and is hoped to push forward graphene applications development and commercialization and help cultivate this relationship into a strategic partnership in the future.   

New graphene book: Graphene-Based Materials: Science and Technology

This book describes the different methods of graphene synthesis, characterization, and application in several major research areas. It begins with a brief introduction to various carbon-based nanomaterials and categorizes the different types of carbon-based nanomaterials. The authors then discuss important applications of graphene, including use as a tranducer for electrochemical sensing and biosensing and energy storage. Covers all aspects of graphene from synthesis to applications

The Graphene-Info Patent Newsletter celebrates one year

One year ago, Graphene-Info, in collaboration with Global IP News, launched a new service: a daily newsletter covering graphene patents news. The Graphene patent Newsletter provides valuable daily patent information from more than 85 countries. In the past year, the newsletter enabled graphene companies and research institutes to track the graphene patent scene and protect their IP.

The Graphene Patent newsletter at a glance:

  • A subscription-based news service (daily)
  • A review of patent applications, grants and expiration monitoring from over 85 countries (including the US, EU, China, Japan and Korea)
  • Skilfully compiled by two trustworthy companies, leaders in their fields
  • The best and easiest way to monitor global graphene patents!
  • A must-have tool for academic researchers and graphene companies!
  • More information available here

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Perpetuus Carbon Group teams up with G24 Power to produce advanced graphene-enabled components

The UK based Perpetuus Carbon, producer and global supplier of high quality functionalized graphene, signed a preliminary agreement to achieve full commercial partnership and manufacturing agreement with G24 Power, a leading dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC) company from the UK.

Perpetuus is to provide functionalized graphene, in sheet or roll form, for G24’s production of a range of advanced graphene-enabled components. G24 reportedly has manufacturing capabilities of thousands of metres of components per month for use in areas like resistance heating, biosensor platforms, barrier packaging, composite physical reinforcements, water treatment, fuel cell membranes, thermal management and heat dissipation, EMI shielding, electrodes for batteries and supercapacitors and LI-AIR battery cathodes.

ANM2015 International conference on graphene technology in Aveiro, Portugal

The ANM2015, the sixth advanced materials international conference in Aveiro, Portugal, will include a graphene segment for the first time.

The conference, which will be held in 20-22 July 2015, is a multidisciplinary event that aims to gather scientists and experts from the global graphene community in order to form a strong network of professionals and exchange knowledge and ideas.


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