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Graphene-Info has been the leading international graphene publication for over 5 years, with a readership of tens of thousands of professionals a month. We provide a multitude of services to the graphene market based on our extensive and up-to-date knowledge hub and close ties with industry leaders. Our consultancy services include market outreach assistance, nanomaterials brokerage, support for graphene initiatives, business development and more.

Graphene is the world's strongest, thinnest and most conductive material, made from carbon. Graphene's remarkable properties enable exciting new applications in electronics, solar panels, batteries, medicine, aerospace, 3D printing and more!

Recent Graphene News

2D Carbon listed on the Chinese stock exchange

Oct 12, 2015

2D Carbon Tech logo2D Carbon, formed to commercialize graphene research conducted at the University of Houston’s Center for Advanced Materials, has been listed on the Chinese stock exchange. 2D Carbon was created in 2011 by Peng Peng, a former research scientist at the Center for Advanced Materials. It was listed on China’s stock market for high-tech startups.

The company focuses on mass-production of large-scale graphene transparent conductive film, as well as research, development and technical support for applied graphene technology. 

Grafoid teams up with partners to launch GO Foundation

Oct 12, 2015

Grafoid logoThe Canadian Grafoid, along with NAATBatt International from the United States and Phantoms Foundation of Spain, have announced the launch of GO Foundation (Graphene Organization Foundation), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting graphene innovation and commercialization.

GO Foundation supports start-up graphene entrepreneurs, scientific innovators and small and medium enterprises engaged in materials and product development. The foundation's aim is to assist entrepreneurs in bringing their inventions to market. It accelerates the pace of adoption by businesses of materials and products enhanced with graphene; offers a neutral collaborative environment to develop strategies and initiatives, and offers a clustering approach to define graphene supply chains to speed the adoption of graphene in advanced materials and manufacturing.

Graphene 3D Lab launches ShareStation

Oct 12, 2015

Graphene 3D Lab has launched ShareStation3D, a new web portal and free online marketplace that will allow users to download, share and print functional projects at no cost. The website already features several projects that can be made with Graphene 3D’s special conductive filaments, such as Arduino components, solar lights and battery housings, and unlike other 3D printing marketplaces, it supplies ready-to-print 3D files as well as full instructions, parts and supply lists and even free software in order to truly make functional 3D printing projects accessible to the home hobbyist.

Graphene 3D Lab's new printing site image

ShareStaton was developed and underwritten by Graphene 3D Lab, makers of functional and specialty 3D filaments. The company states that until now, most home 3D printers have been limited to one type of print material – likely polymer – and owners are limited to projects that are static like cupholders, models, or jewelry.  Using functional or specialty filaments allow users to print working projects, dramatically expanding what can be accomplished with a 3D printer.

The Chinese CRRC develops graphene supercapacitors for public transportation

Oct 12, 2015

The CRRC, the Chinese state owned rolling stock manufacturer and the world's largest train builder, has developed graphene-based supercapacitors that can power electric buses with higher efficiency and for a longer period. 

The CRRC has reportedly produced two types of capacitors, a 2.8 Volt/30,000 F capacitor and 3 Volt/12,000 F one. The former is said to be able to power trolley buses for up to 10 km after a one-minute charge, compared with 6 km in the previous generation. The latter one can provide enough electricity to power a tram for 6 km with only 30 seconds of charging.In addition to improvements in performance, the new products are also more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. 

UK collaboration seeks to develop graphene-based ultra-barrier materials for displays and electronics

Oct 08, 2015

The Centre of Process Innovation (CPI) has announced that it will be part of a UK-based collaboration to develop the next generation of graphene-based ultra-barrier materials for flexible transparent plastic electronic based displays. The materials on which this work focuses on are required for the next generation of smartphones, tablets and wearable electronics and the twelve month project titled ‘Gravia’ will investigate the feasibility of producing graphene-based barrier films for next generation flexible OLED lighting and display products. 

The project combines the skills from each of the partners (University of Cambridge, FlexEnable Ltd, the National Physical Laboratory and the Centre for Process Innovation) and expects to deliver a feasible material and process system. It builds upon significant existing investments by InnovateUK and the EPSRC in this area. The resulting ultra-barrier material can be potentially used in a wide range of novel applications by the lead business partner, FlexEnable.

CPI, Haydale and G2O will cooperate to develop graphene-coated self cleaning membrane filter for water treatment

Oct 08, 2015

CPI logo imageThe Centre of Process Innovation (CPI) works to develop a graphene-based self-cleaning membrane filter with the potential to revolutionize liquid filtration across the globe, as part of a UK based collaboration that also includes G2O Water International (G2O), Haydale and Sellafield Ltd. CPI ‘s role in the project is to develop, characterize and scale-up the graphene based materials alongside applying the graphene coating onto the membrane.

The two year project aims to develop a low cost self-cleaning coating technology based on functionalized graphene, which should make the membranes highly resistant to fouling (the process in which a solution or particle is deposited on a membrane surface or in membrane pores such so that the membrane's performance is degraded). The coating will be formulated and validated by the consortium for deployment in a number of different applications, including desalination, oil and water separation and also nuclear waste water treatment.

Graphene-Info at the Cambridge Graphene Technology Days 2015

Oct 06, 2015

The Graphene-Info team is excited to announce its attendance in the Cambridge Graphene Technology Days 2015 on November 05-06 2015 in Cambridge, UK. The 2nd Annual World Summit will encompass the entire range of activities, including researching, developing, producing, financing and investing in graphene and the commercialization of graphene-enabled applications. The conference features global leaders who are working toward driving the broader use of graphene enabled technologies.

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