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Graphene is the world's strongest, thinnest and most conductive material, made from carbon. Graphene's remarkable properties enable exciting new applications in electronics, solar panels, batteries, medicine, aerospace, 3D printing and more!

Recent graphene News

Graphene "balloons" endure extreme pressure and could help evaluate other materials

Aug 26, 2016

Researchers at The University of Manchester have shown that small "balloons" made using graphene can endure huge pressures. This could be used to create miniature pressure machines that can withstand massive pressures, and pose a major step towards quickly identifying the way molecules respond under extreme pressure.

Manchester's graphene balloons image

The graphene balloons normally form when depositing graphene on flat substrates and are typically thought of as a useless. The researchers at Manchester observed the nano-bubbles closely and discovered that the dimensions and shape of the nano-bubbles offer direct data regarding the elastic strength of graphene as well as its interaction with the underlying substrate. They were able to measure the pressure applied by graphene on a material caught within the balloons, or vice versa.

Haydale to acquire Thai Graphene inks & composites company

Aug 26, 2016

Haydale recently declared the planned acquisition of Innophene, a Thailand-based graphene-enhanced conductive ink and composites manufacturer, in an all-share deal for approximately £311,665. The acquisition marks a significant step in UK-based Haydale Graphene Industries’ expansion into the Asian market, since Innophene’s access to The Thailand Science Park in Bangkok, with its extensive analytical and processing capabilities, provides a platform for it to become the Group’s Far East Centre of Excellence.

Innophene, founded in 2011, has developed (in conjunction with the Thailand National Science & Technology Development Agency) a one-stage exfoliation/dispersion process to create a range of graphene-enhanced transparent conductive inks for inkjet and other printing platforms. They have also now developed a graphene enhanced PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid) resin (commonly used in medical devices and 3D printing).

Talga manufactured and delivered its first graphene-based steel coating prototype

Aug 21, 2016

Talga Resources recently announced its new graphene commercialization strategy, made possible by the growth and scale-up of Talga’s pilot plant facility in Germany.

Talga graphene powder photo

One of the primie industry sectors identified by Talga was metal pre-treatment coating. Talga now announced that it manufactured its first graphene coating product, and delivered it to its industry partner. This partner is highly likely to be Tata Steel - with whom Talga has been collaborating since the end of 2015.

Experts roundup: on Graphene Oxide for composites

Aug 19, 2016

Last month we launched a new feature - Experts Roundup. In this feature we ask graphene professionals to answer a short graphene related question. Last month's question was "will CVD ever be a viable commercial way to produce graphene?" and we got great response to that. Hopefully this month feature will be just as good.

applications of composites image

In the growing field of graphene-enhanced composites, especially plastics, how does graphene oxide fit in? Does it have any significant advantages over graphene?

Ian Fuller, VP business development & engineering, Angstron Materials : I would classify graphene oxide as a functionalized graphene nanomaterial. Functionalization, in general, allows for tailored nanomaterials for applications such as polymer nanocomposites. The oxygen-based groups on the surface of graphene oxide often promote coupling between the polymer and the nanomaterial leading to enhanced properties such as strength and quality of dispersion (however, electrical and thermal conductivity are often reduced). Similarly, other functional groups can be added to the surface of a graphene platelet to customize it for a range of applications and polymers.

Grapeheneall starts selling low-cost GO and rGO

Aug 14, 2016

The Korean Grapheneall recently started to produce graphene oxide and reduced GO, in a low price that is enabled by the company's new oxidation and purification process that helps to decrease acidic waste. The company set up a factory and started production of GO and rGO in ton scale per month.

Grapheneall's SEM image of GO Grapheneall's SEM image of GO

The unique purification process is said to be simple and take just one hour, as opposed to many other purification processes that are more time consuming. Grapheneall's production line is an automated system that is able to check and save real-time conditions, which assists the company in controlling the progress of production.

A graphene-based biosensor can diagnose diseases using a simple blood test

Aug 14, 2016

Researchers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) have developed a highly sensitive graphene-based biosensor capable of diagnosing diseases using a simple blood test.

The graphene-based biosensor can reportedly check the blood concentration of beta amyloid, which is known as a protein that causes dementia, utilizing a blood test for early age-related dementia (Alzheimer's disease) diagnosis. With the sensor, the research team confirmed the diagnostic capability for dementia through the blood samples of transgenic mice and normal mice models.

Haydale to launch graphene-enhanced PLA filaments for 3D printing

Aug 11, 2016

Haydale logoHaydale Composite Solutions (HCS), Haydale Graphene Industries' wholly owned subsidiary that specializes in the design, development and commercialization of advanced polymer composite materials, will be launching graphene-enhanced poly lactic acid (PLA) filaments for 3D printing at the TCT show in Birmingham on 28 and 29 September 2016.

HCS is collaborating with UK-based Filamentprint, a company specializing in the compounding and manufacture of thermoplastic filaments for 3D printing and Fullerex, Haydale's sales agent for its functionalized nanomaterials.