AMD partners with Rice University for U.S Army Radar program

Advanced Material Development (AMD) has announced the first of its U.S university collaborations as it ramps up plans for a Texas-based Defense and Security business. 

A U.S Army program, managed by AMD’s Chief Science Advisor, Professor Alan Dalton, will now have a significant portion of the project developed at Rice University’s world-renowned Materials Science and Nano Engineering Department which is Chaired by world-leading material scientist Professor Pulickel Ajayan.


AMD's CEO, John Lee, says: “This agreement with Rice is the first stage in AMD’s move to establish a more significant presence in the US, particularly for our defense work which is dominated by US funded applications. We are excited to be engaging further with Professor Pulickel Ajayan, an AMD Advisory Board member and tremendous supporter of AMD”.

Rice University’s Prof Pulickel Ajayan said: “We are excited about the new project and the potential for collaboration with Prof. Dalton and AMD in developing new materials for a variety of applications”.

AMD Chief Scientist, Alan Dalton, said: “Partnering with Rice University on our innovative radar reduction technology marks a significant milestone for Advanced Material Development. This collaboration harnesses our advanced materials alongside Rice's pioneering research, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in signature management technology. AMD will continue to develop these materials for both defense and clean-tech industries such as Wind Energy where our materials have demonstrated the ability to minimize radar interference from turbines, promoting more efficient and sustainable energy solutions. We are excited about the transformative potential of this partnership to drive forward both defence and renewable energy applications."

Posted: Jul 03,2024 by Roni Peleg