Apple patents Lightning connectors with graphene signal paths

Apple recently submitted a patent application for lightning connectors that use graphene signal paths. In Apple's patent a connector (lightning connector) is coupled to a signal cable. The inkjet-printed graphene traces are formed on the upper and/or lower surfaces of the plastic connector tongue.

A connector can be provided with dielectric material and conductive traces, some of which can be made using printed circuits. Graphene traces may be deposited using inkjet printing techniques or other deposition and patterning techniques. During inkjet printing, graphene may be patterned to form signal lines on a connector structure, printed circuit, contacts on a printed circuit board and other structures. 

Graphene paths such as graphene trace may be formed on the surface of the structure. For example, the inkjet printing equipment or other suitable graphene deposition equipment may be used in depositing graphene onto the surface of the structure. Inkjet printing equipment may include one or more printing heads such as printing heads that dispense graphene in liquid form. Once deposited onto the structure, the liquid material in which the graphene is deposited may be evaporated (at room temperature or at an elevated temperature), leaving graphene traces such as graphene trace on the structure.
Posted: Jul 27,2015 by Roni Peleg