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Graphene-Info was established in 2009 in Israel to provide services and resources for the global graphene industry. It is considered the world's leading graphene-focused web site, providing graphene news to tens of thousands of readers each month. Read on to find out what we can do to help you in this exciting emerging market!

Graphene Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

A world of graphene information
Graphene Market Outreach

Market outreach assistance

Get your message across to the graphene industry
Graphene Nanomaterials Brokerage

Nanomaterials Brokerage

Find the best materials for your project
Graphene Business Development

Business Development

We'll help you find graphene partners, suppliers and customers
Graphene Consultancy Services

Graphene Consultancy Services

Graphene market consultancy and assistance
Niche Copy Editing

Graphene Equity Crowdfunding

An innovative new graphene investment platform
Graphene Metrology

Graphene Metrology

Graphene materials metrology and characterization service
Niche Copy Editing

Content Marketing Solutions

Content marketing, web site development, social channel management and more