HydroGraph to supply graphene to Volfpack Energy for solar power battery storage

HydroGraph Clean Power has announced that its flagship graphene product, FGA-1, has been chosen by Volfpack Energy, a hardware company focused on using supercapacitor technology to increase the adoption of renewable energy across Asia. 

Its flagship product, fractal graphene, FGA-1, was chosen by Volfpack to be the base material of the supercapacitor design after Volfpack’s engineers determined that it outperformed materials traditionally used in supercapacitors, such as activated carbon, by 4x.


“HydroGraph’s fractal graphene has shown significantly higher results than leading alternatives, while the team at HydroGraph has been incredibly supportive,” said Maithri Dissanayake, Volfpack’s head of product. The company plans to use its technology to create a hybrid battery system that will reduce the cost of solar energy storage.

“This new application of fractal graphene as an electrode material for supercapacitors for the adoption of renewable energy fits our theme of sustainability,” said Ranjith Divigalpitiya, HydroGraph’s chief science officer. 

HydroGraph’s graphene production process is said to be environmentally friendly, requiring only oxygen, acetylene and a spark (i.e. minimal energy consumption). The result is graphene and hydrogen. No carbon needs to be mined and no hazardous byproducts or greenhouse gases are created. Its patented Hyperion system is modular, portable and able to produce over 10 tons of graphene per year.

“Our performance improvements within energy storage devices continue to be a key area of growth for the company,” said Kjirstin Breure, HydroGraph’s president and CEO. “The results we have seen within the past few months alone show a clear path to expediting the path to commercialization for our patented pristine graphene.”

Posted: May 02,2024 by Roni Peleg