Versarien announces launch of Umbro's ProTraining Elite range incorporating its graphene technology

Versarien has announced the launch of Umbro's ProTraining Elite range, including garments incorporating the Company's Graphene-Wear technology.

Versarien has been working with Umbro since 2018 and these are the first products to be launched in Europe incorporating the Company's technology.  Umbro's new ProTraining Elite long-sleeve running tops, baselayers and running tights have Versarien's Graphene-Wear ink formula printed on the inside.  The Graphene-Wear formula features novel properties that will allow wearers to experience enhanced thermal transmittance, increased moisture management, with improved drying rate, without compromising air or water vapor permeability.  In particular, these three garments will benefit significantly from applying Graphene-Wear as they are being worn in circumstances where maintaining core body temperature is more desirable and difficult to achieve.  The garments also have Versarien's Graphene-Wear trademark applied.


In developing its proprietary Graphene-Wear technology, Versarien has invested in extensive wearer trials in partnership with University of Gloucestershire and in January 2023 Graphene-Wear secured OEKO-TEX Eco Passport certification, all aimed at giving the Company's partners, such as Umbro, confidence in the technology.

Neill Ricketts, Chief Executive Officer of Versarien, said: "We are delighted that Umbro are launching their new Pro-Training Elite range onto the market, incorporating the Company's Graphene-Wear technology.  This technology is designed to provide the garments with novel properties, in particular regarding their thermo-regulatory properties and the ability to maintain optimum body temperature, that will significantly enhance the user experience... We look forward to the Umbro ProTraining Elite garments, incorporating Graphene-Wear, being on sale and it showcasing the viability and attractiveness of using this technology for future products."

Posted: Mar 03,2023 by Roni Peleg