The 2023 “Graphene Creates the Future” China (Ningbo) Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition invites graphene projects from around the world to take part

Ningbo has announced a graphene competition whose winner will receive project funding of up to 10 million yuan (about $1.3 million USD) & a direct investment of 10 million yuan (plus development incentives of 10 million yuan).

Ningbo, a port city in China, has put great efforts into strengthening its economic and technological abilities in recent years, with a special focus on graphene production and applications. In 2022, Ningbo City launched the National Graphene Innovation Center (NGIC). The center adopts a “company + alliance” operation model and is jointly operated by the National Graphene Innovation Center and China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA).

In order to build a future leading area for the graphene industry, NGIC will hold the 2023 “Graphene Creates the Future” Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition on October 20. It is seeking entries from entrepreneurial and innovative teams (individuals) with significant prospects in the graphene industry chain from all over the world.


As a participant, you will have the opportunity to receive participation rewards, support for innovation and entrepreneurship in China, and opportunities for publicity and marketing in China.

Participation rewards :

  1. Outstanding Winner, award bonus is 100,000 Chinese yuan.
  2. Meritorious Winners, award bonus is 50,000 Chinese yuan.
  3. Honorable Winners, award bonus is 10,000 Chinese yuan.

In addition to the rewards, as part of the competition, several industrial projects will be selected to receive project funding, in three categories (10 million yuan, 6 million yuan and 1 million yuan). Selected companies will also receive local rent subsidy in Ningbo, up to 1 million yuan for offices and production facilities. Furthermore, some projects will receive funding support (loans), for up to 10 million yuan. Finally, the organizers have reserved more incentives and rewards to companies that setup offices and/or production centers in Ningbo. These rewards and loans may accumulate to up to 50 million yuan over the next five years.

The National Graphene Innovation Center in Ningbo has also proposed R&D funding support for teams and individuals who join the center and its incubation project. Teams will receive, in addition to funds, support from the center, access to equipment and personnel and more. The center will also give rewards of up to 10 million yuan to support selected scientific research innovation projects.

For more information on this competition, you can reach out to the Chinese Graphene Industry Association at

Posted: Sep 25,2023 by Ron Mertens