Article last updated on: May 04, 2017

Graphene is an emerging technology, but the industry and market is already very much alive. Our comprehensive graphene company listing includes over a hundred companies in several categories. Click on any of the categories below to browse our extensive catalog, or use the map below to find graphene companies nearby.

Graphene producers

Graphene producersCompanies that focus on producing graphene and related materials

Graphene suppliers

Graphene suppliersCompanies that supply graphene and related materials.

Application developers

Graphene application developersCompanies that develop graphene based products

Manufacturing equipment

Manufacturing equipment makersGraphene R&D and production equipment makers

Graphite mining

Graphite mining companiesThese companies mine graphite and are also involved with graphene

Related companies

Related companiesCompanies that provide services or products to the graphene industry

Graphene companies map

XFNANO: Graphene and graphene-like materials since 2009XFNANO: Graphene and graphene-like materials since 2009