Graphene application developers

2D Generation

2D Generation is an Israel-based company that has developed a solution to enable in-situ ALD graphene deposition at low temperatures.


AlterBiota is a green chem-tech company that develops 'bio-graphene' additives designed to increase the strength of concrete and reduce its environmental footprint. 


Tachmed is a UK-based company that developed a digital diagnostics device based on graphene biosensors to test for various different conditions, including COVID-19 and flu. 


Vitrotem, based in the Netherlands, was founded in 2019 to improve the fundamental understanding of life by unlocking the power of electron microscopy to the analysis of biological materials and processes in liquid water, the native environment of biology.

GRAFTA Nanotech

GRAFTA Nanotech is a Canada-based company that leverages the nanoscale structure of graphene to act as an adsorbent and capture water contaminants. Some of these contaminants are heavy metals, organic molecules, and even inorganic substances like ammonia. 

Graphene Green Concrete (GGC)

Graphene Green Concrete (GGC) is a UK-based company with links to the University of Manchester. Its goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of infrastructures by producing concrete using 100% recycled aggregates instead of natural aggregates, without compromising strength & durability.

Solidion Technology

Solidion Technology, an advanced battery technology company, aims to address the issue of battery materials supply shortage, driven by anticipated soaring demand for electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage systems (ESS) battery capacities.


Evercloak is a Canada-based company that creates advanced material manufacturing processes that aim to solve environmental issues. With its membrane dehumidification technology, Evercloak aims to reduce the energy that air conditioners consume by more than 50%.


GraphEnergyTech developed and patented a novel process to integrate graphene electrodes into solar cells, replacing the silver and other precious metals whilst retaining or improving power conversion efficiencies and reliability.
It is now working with partners to scale this technology and bring the cost and performance benefits to all types of solar cell.