INBRAIN Neuroelectronics

INBRAIN Neuroelectronics is a Spain-based company that develop high density and high resolution graphene intelligent neural systems for central and peripheral Neuroelectronic applications.

Dreamfly Innovations

Dreamfly Innovations (DFI) was founded in India in September 2021 by IIT and IISc Grads with 16 years of collective experience in the battery space.


Freevolt is a global company in the renewable energy sector, headquartered in California. 


Salgenx is focused on developing and commercializing advanced salt water flow battery technology. 

Salgenx aims to revolutionize the energy storage industry by offering high-performance grid-scale batteries that not only provide reliable power but also deliver additional benefits such as desalination and graphene production.

Vesi Water

Vesi Water develops smart and sustainable solutions to the water industry. 

It is utilizing proprietary graphene-oxide based technology developed in collaboration with the University of New South Wales to harvest fresh water from airborne humidity, creating fresh water where none exists.

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon (AC) was founded in 2018 in Bristol Robotics Laboratory, where the company is based. 


US-based Hememics is commercializing a patented rapid handheld bio testing platform, to bring lab-quality results on a mobile device.  The company's platform is based on a unique graphene-based sensor that can detect molecular, antigens and antibody targets from a single sample.

Hefei Haizhou New Material SuperC

China-based Hefei Haizhou New Material, also known as SuperC, develops and manufactures nano-materials. The Company develops Few Layer Graphene materials (FLG), enabling the production of lithium ion batteries, fireproof coatings, anticorrosive coatings, electrical and thermal conductivity materials, and graphene composite materials.


SoundCell is a spin-off of (Graphene Flagship partner) TU Delft that offers a diagnostic device for determining cell viability based on the minute vibrations caused by living cells. The diagnostic device is capable of AST testing within hours rather than days.

SoundCell's device measures nanoscale motion from living cells with graphene membranes and is not limited by the growth rate.