Kukil Graphene

Kukil Graphene logo imageFounded in 2018, Kukil Graphene is mainly involved in graphene composites and CVD-based materials.


SafeLi logo imageSafeLi LLC was founded on December 15, 2016 by Drs. Carol Hirschmugl and Marija Gajdardziska-Josifovska from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Znshine Solar

Znshine Solar logo imageZNShine Solar is a maker of PV modules, PV power station and EPC, founded in 1988 in China. In May 2018, ZNShine Solar launched the G12 evolution era series - a 12-busbar graphene module, 5-busbar graphene module and double-glass graphene module.

Graphene Composites

Graphene Composites logo imageGraphene Composites Limited (GC) is a nano-materials technology company that makes use of graphene, aerogels and other materials to produce a range of composites.

GC applies its core graphene/aerogel composite technology to three main product areas - armor, aerospace and renewable energy. Each product area applies this core technology in different ways where the combination of strength and lightness is emphasized.


Thermavance logo imagePromethient was founded in 2012 by Charles Cauchy, an expert in the field of solid state heating and cooling using thermoelectric devices.

Promethient’s solid state heating and cooling technology is marketed under the Thermavance brand name.

Versarien - Think you know graphene? Think again! Versarien - Think you know graphene? Think again!