Evercloak is a Canada-based company that creates advanced material manufacturing processes that aim to solve environmental issues. With its membrane dehumidification technology, Evercloak aims to reduce the energy that air conditioners consume by more than 50%.

Evercloak can manufacture large area, low-cost, high-performance nanocoatings, ranging from single atomic layers to hundreds of nanometers in thickness. Its roll-to-roll coating process requires minimal energy and produces minimal waste, keeping costs low. It’s also very flexible. Evercloak can produce films using a variety of materials and “inks,” including graphene oxide, graphene, carbon nanotubes, hexagonal boron nitride, and other 2D nanomaterials.

As a result, Evercloak can engineer high-performance films for a wide variety of applications, from dehumidifying membranes to coatings that kill the COVID-19 virus.



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