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Graphene is the strongest, thinnest and most conductive material known to man. With such remarkable properties, it is no wonder that graphene enables exciting new applications in electronics, energy, medicine, aerospace and many more markets.

Recent graphene News

ColossusTex launches a new graphene yarn

India-based textile supply chain company ColossusTex has unveiled a new graphene yarn.

The company states that its new graphene yarn boasts a myriad of benefits that set it apart from traditional yarns, like an antibacterial rate of 99%, odor elimination and significant reduction of the chance of skin diseases. Also, the incorporation of far-infrared health care technology promotes microcirculation on the body surface, enhances blood circulation, and boosts cellular metabolism. 

Read the full story Posted: Mar 05,2024

New project will focus on graphene 'lab on a chip' medical diagnostic technology for rapid detection of infections

Researchers at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) will collaborate with ProMake, a material science and diagnostic company, as part of Innovate UK's Accelerated Knowledge Transfer Scheme. The new project will investigate how graphene technology could be utilized to rapidly detect infection and act as the basis for new medical diagnostics.

ProMake has developed a novel device prototype, the 'BioPod', a hand-held point-of-care diagnostic containing the graphene lab-on-a-chip (LOC) electrode. The LOC uses functionalized graphene, a super-strong and thin material laced with specific receptors, to detect a wide range of pathogens. The aim is to use the BioPod in the same way as lateral flow tests (LFTs), to test for COVID-19 and other pathogens. However, unlike LFTs, which provide quick results but with less accuracy than tests processed in the lab, the BioPod's advanced technology has the potential to be more accurate and easier to interpret.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 05,2024

Directa Plus and Chronos Corps launch high-tech bag with graphene and fingerprint opening

Directa Plus and Chronos Corps have launched a high-tech bag with graphene and fingerprint opening.  

Launched just in time for Fashion Week, this collaboration blends fashion and technology, showcasing the versatility of Directa Plus materials. Crafted with Coating G+®, a special water-based coating enriched with Graphene Plus, this bag not only boasts a sleek design but also offers unmatched functionality, including antimicrobial protection (antibacterial and antiviral), UV resistance, abrasion resistance, antistatic properties and thermal conductivity. It also has advanced fingerprint recognition for secure access.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 04,2024

Graphene-Info publishes a new edition of its Graphene for Displays and Lighting Market Report

Today we published a new edition of our Graphene for Displays and Lighting Market Report, with all the latest information. Graphene has high potential to improve LCD, OLED and MicroLED displays and can be used to enhance displays backplanes, electrodes, emitters and more. In addition graphene can increase efficiency in lighting devices and improve designs. Recently we have seen companies (Asus and MSI) starting to adopt graphene for heat dissipation in gaming monitors, an interesting trend.

Reading this report, you'll learn all about:

  • Graphene applications in LED and OLED lighting
  • Graphene's adoption as a backplane for AMOLEDs
  • Transparent graphene electrodes
  • Graphene-based encapsulation development

The report package also provides:

  • Graphene companies involved with display and lighting
  • An introduction to graphene
  • An introduction to lighting and displays
  • Details about graphene for QDs, lasers and thermal foils

This market report provides a great introduction to graphene solutions for the display and lighting markets, and covers everything you need to know about graphene technologies in these niches. This is a great guide for anyone involved with the displays and lighting.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 03,2024

Researchers use graphene to develop protective layer for 2D quantum materials

Researchers at the Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat, along with additional collaborators, have developed a graphene-based protective film that shields quantum semiconductor layers just one atom thick from environmental influences without compromising their quantum properties. This could advance the use of these delicate atomic layers in ultrathin electronic components.

A few years ago, scientists from the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat discovered that topological quantum materials such as indenene hold great promise for ultrafast, energy-efficient electronics. These extremely thin quantum semiconductors are composed of a single atom layer – in indenene’s case, indium atoms – and act as topological insulators, conducting electricity virtually without resistance along their edges. Experimental physicist Professor Ralph Claessen explained that producing such a single atomic layer requires sophisticated vacuum equipment and a specific substrate material. To utilize this two-dimensional material in electronic components, it would need to be removed from the vacuum environment. However, exposure to air, even briefly, leads to oxidation, destroying its revolutionary properties and rendering it useless.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 02,2024

G6 Materials announces license agreement for graphene coatings technology

G6 Materials, a high-tech company with expertise in advanced materials and developing innovative composites for a wide range of industrial uses, has recently entered into an agreement to acquire a license from Graphene Corp. regarding intellectual property rights associated with graphene coatings technology. 

The License encompasses a suite of proprietary technologies, patents, and trade secrets that will enable the Company to enhance its product offerings, drive innovation, and meet the evolving needs of its customers. The acquisition of this License aligns seamlessly with G6's vision to deliver advanced solutions that push the limits of performance, sustainability and offers innovative solutions across diverse industries. The license for this technology is for a period of up to February 1, 2026, and is non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and non-transferable.

Read the full story Posted: Feb 29,2024