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Graphene is the world's strongest, thinnest and most conductive material, made from carbon. Graphene's remarkable properties enable exciting new applications in electronics, solar panels, batteries, medicine, aerospace, 3D printing and more!

Recent graphene News

Graphene Nanochem to remove its shares from London's AIM

Graphene Nanochem logoGraphene Nanochem announced that the company will remove its shares from London's AIM market on Monday next week, following its failure to appoint a new nominated adviser.

This means that starting from next week, Graphene Nanochem will return to being a private company. The company does, however, say that it aims to acquire modular construction company CG TekBuild, and following this acquisition it expects to return to the AIM via an IPO.

Graphmatech signs graphene composites contract with ABB

Graphmatech logo imageSweden-based Graphmatech, which recently reported a breakthrough made at Uppsala University that "solves the practical implementation issues of graphene", has signed a contract with ABB, a leading engineering company that is focused on power, automation and robotics technologies. The joint project is related to graphene-based composites.

Graphmatech is a part of the InnoEnergy Highway - Europe’s leading business accelerator specializing in sustainable energy - as well as to the ABB innovation growth hub, SynerLeap and has received initial financing from Swedish Innovation Agency as well as the Swedish Energy Agency.

Northwestern team develops multi-functional graphene oxide hair dye

Researchers from Northwestern University have developed a hair dye based on graphene oxide that "does not include toxic compounds commonly used in hair dyes". As an added bonus, graphene-colored hair enjoys much less electrostatic frizz. Due to graphene’s thermal conductivity, the dye may even help dissipate heat on hot days. The team has filed a provisional patent for the color.

Northwestern team develops GO hair dye image

The researchers "used the biopolymer chitosan and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to disperse flakes of graphene oxide (GO)—and the darker derivative, reduced GO—in water," which reportedly formed a smooth coating on the hair surface.

ETRI researchers develop a fully-operational 40x40 mm flexible OLED using pixelated transparent graphene electrodes

One year ago, researchers from the Korea-based ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) demonstrated an 370x470 mm OLED array that use graphene transparent electrodes.

ETRI graphene-electrode OLED prototype, Apr 2017

At this year's SID DisplayWeek trade show, ETRI researchers will demonstrate a flexible OLED panel that use a transparent graphene electrode. The researchers developed a "fully operational" 40x40 mm OLED panel that uses a pixelated graphene film as electrodes.

Australian team develops new GO-based filter that can improve drinking water quality

Researchers at UNSW have developed a graphene-based, laboratory-scale filter that can remove more than 99% of the natural organic matter left behind during conventional treatment of drinking water. In a research collaboration with Sydney Water, the team has demonstrated the success of the approach in laboratory tests on filtered water from the Nepean Water Filtration Plant in western Sydney, and is working to scale up the new technology.

Australian team develops promising GO membranes for water treatment image

"Our advance is to use filters based on graphene – an extremely thin form of carbon. No other filtration method has come close to removing 99% of natural organic matter from water at low pressure," the UNSW team said. "Our results indicate that graphene-based membranes could be converted into an alternative new option that could in the future be retrofitted in conventional water treatment plants."

Wuxi's graphene industrial zone shows new graphene products and materials

The Wuxi Graphene Industry Development & Demonstration Zone (in Wuxi, China - near Shanghai) is an impressive graphene center (we visited Wuxi in 2017). The center recently renovated its demonstration room, and sent us this video showcasing the many graphene products and materials under development or in production at the center.

There are a few new graphene projects underway at Wuxi. One example is a graphene additive to engine lubrication oils, used in the Xichuang G6 graphene oil, which is able to reduce gasoline consumption by 5-15% compared to current oils.

Versarien to collaborate with Team Sky on the development of graphene-enhanced cycling equipment

Versarien LogoVersarien, the advanced materials engineering group, has announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with professional cycling team, “Team Sky”.

Versarien and Team Sky have agreed to collaborate to explore the benefits of adding graphene to high performance cycling equipment used by Team Sky. These products may include cycle frames, wheels and tyres, together with rider helmets and further rider apparel.

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