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Be Dimensional logoBe Dimensional is an Italian early-stage startup, spun off from the IIT scientific research centre.

It is dedicated to the development of new materials for the manufacturing industry by introducing 2-dimensional new crystalline crystals, including graphene. Be Dimensional also provides development and consultation services.

BeDimensional's mission is to build industry-unique recipes to add or enhance the performance of various types of materials and thus the features of the most diverse items. It is is an Associated Member of the Graphene Flagship project, and is part of a network of companies associated to the Graphene Flagship developing new solutions in the field of composites for energy harvest and storage, such as batteries, super capacitors and solar cells, as well as foster the development of new composite materials, some of which are already available on the market.

In November 2018, Be Dimensional received €18 million to promote their main goal – discover new applications of graphene and related materials in consumer products. The investment was made by Italian 'Pellan Group,' specialized in groundbreaking technical materials.

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Via Morego 30
16163 Genoa GE