Bedimensional receives €18 million private investment

Be Dimensional logoBedimensional has received €18 million to promote their main goal – discover new applications of graphene and related materials in consumer products. The investment was made by Italian 'Pellan Group,' specialized in groundbreaking technical materials.

Bedimensional is an Associated Member of the Graphene Flagship, and is part of a network of companies associated to the Graphene Flagship developing new solutions in the field of composites for energy harvest and storage, such as batteries, super capacitors and solar cells, as well as foster the development of new composite materials, some of which are already available on the market.

Pellan Group will become shareholders and sit on the Board of Directors, alongside the Camponovo Group, also investor in Bedimensional after its incubation phase at IIT. Francesco Bonaccorso, Deputy leader of the Graphene Flagship Innovation Work Package, is also a key partner of company.

This investment will allow Bedimensional to build new headquarters. "We identified and purchased space just 500 meters from IIT," explains Bedimensional CEO Massimo Camponovo. The 4000m2 facilities, of which 3000m2 will be exclusively dedicated to the production of graphene and related materials and new composites, and over 500m2 will be devoted to a joint research lab with IIT.

This investment will help IIT and Bedimensional develop new applications in the energy sector, a research area that is key for the future of the company. "The entry of the Pellan Group will allow us to significantly accelerate our project" adds Camponovo. The investment will also stimulate job creation in the region. "We expect to hire highly skilled and specialized figures," concludes Camponovo.

Posted: Nov 01,2018 by Roni Peleg