Versarien LogoFounded in 2010, Versarien (AIM:VRS) is an advanced materials group leveraging proprietary technology to create innovative engineering solutions for its clients in a diverse range of industries.

In June 2013, Versarien floated on AIM, a market operated by the London Stock Exchange. Versarien is involved with R&D activity of various materials like copper, carbide and graphene. Since the company acquired 2D-Tech in 2014, Versarien has been very active with graphene, and is collaborating with the NGI, Haydale and others. In 2016 Versarien acquired Cambridge Graphene and also AAC Cyrome to establish a graphene plastic factory.


XFNano logoNanjing XFNANO Materials Tech (XFNano) was founded in 2009, which makes it the earliest graphene enterprise according to the company. XFNano mainly focuses on the R&D and manufacture of graphene, graphene oxide, and graphene-like materials such as graphene quantum dots ,carbon nanotubes, MoS2, WS2, silvernanowires and molecular sieves.

XFNano has an excellent technical team which is formed by around 10 PHDs and the company keeps a very close relationship with national university laboratories in America, Singapore and China. The company can supply 50 tons/year of graphene powders and 1,000 tons/year of graphene dispersion. Over 3,100 scientific articles (including over 40 in Nature magazine) that use XFNano's materials were published so far.


Haydale logoHaydale Graphene Industries Plc is the holding company for Haydale Limited, Haydale Composite Solutions Limited and Haydale Technologies (Korea) Co., Limited.

Haydale Limited, housed in a purpose built facility for processing and handling nano-materials with an R&D laboratory, is facilitating the application of graphenes and other nano-materials in fields such as inks, sensors, energy storage, photovoltaics, composites, paints and coatings. Haydale has developed a patented proprietary scalable plasma process to functionalise graphene and other nanomaterials.


Graphenea logoGraphenea is a private European company (based in Spain) focused on the production of high quality graphene for industrial applications. The company produces single-layer graphene sheets, bi-layer graphene, multi-layer graphene, graphene oxide and other materials - on any substrate the customer provides.

Chongqing Graphene Technology

Chongqing Graphene Tech logoChongqing Graphene Technology (also known, apparently, as Chongqing Moxi Technology) was established in March 2013 as a joint-venture between the Shanghai Nanjiang Group and the Chongqing Institute of Green Intelligent Technology.

Chongqing Graphene Technology produces CVD graphene sheets and the company also offers touch panels and other films that use graphene sheets. The company says its production line can produce up to 3 million sheets per year (but we do not know the size of each sheet).