Graphene producers

Nordische Technologies

Nordische Technologies logoNordische Technologies Pvt Ltd, based in India, and with operations in Germany and the UK, was established in 2019 to develop graphene technologies and applications. Nodische produces graphene using chemical exfoliation, and has a capacity of around 1Kg per day.

The company focuses on electronic vehicle charging and other related technologies

Universal Matter

Universal Matter company logo imageUniversal Matter has developed "cleaner, faster, and less expensive" technology to commercialize graphene.

MCK Tech

 MCK Tech logoKorea based MCK, established in 2017, produces CVD graphene materials and develops applications based on these materials.

MCK developed both batch-type and roll-to-roll graphene production systems, and has a pilot production capacity. The company focuses on transparent electrodes, sensors and materials and solutions for research institutes.


BeeGraphene logoBeeGraphene, established in Poland in 2020, produces high-quality graphene sheets grown on silicon carbide.

Bright Day Graphene

Bright Day Graphene company logo imageFounded in Sweden in 2017, Bright Day Graphene (BDG) strives to offer high performing materials without harmful environmental impacts.

SurgePower Materials

SurgePower Materials logoUS-based SurgePower Materials produces monolayer graphene using a patented green and sustainable production process. The company offers three grades of graphene with varying surface areas and carbon content.

SurgePower is scaling up its production process to achieve a yearly capacity of around 36 tons.


Avadain company logo imageAvadain is a U.S-based producer of graphene flakes. Avadain’s technology produces graphene flakes at low cost using a patented, ecofriendly process.

Avadain states that it produces large, thin and very few defect flakes, produced in industrial volumes at a reasonable price.


Novusterra company logo imageNovusterra Inc. is a specialty chemical company that produces graphene from carbon based deposits.

Novusterra has sublicensed two patents focused on graphene production and roll to roll graphene production. Its mission is to utilize the two patents and further develop the technology for applications in the energy storage and water filtration marketplace.


Spnano logoIsrael-based Spnano was established in 2007 was a spin-off from the Hebrew University.

Spnano's technology is based on an innovative protein (SP1) which enables the production of superior composite materials, based on either Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) or graphene materials.