Graphenea logoGraphenea is a private European company (based in Spain) focused on the production of high quality graphene for industrial applications. The company produces single-layer graphene sheets, bi-layer graphene, multi-layer graphene, graphene oxide and other materials - on any substrate the customer provides.

Applied Nanolayers

Applied Nanolayers logoApplied Nanolayers (ANL), based in the Netherlands, is a 2D material foundry that produces high quality graphene and other 2D materials using a CVD process. The company offers wafers from 50 mm (2-inch) through to 200 mm (8-inch) diameter.


Hexorp logoIndia-based Hexorp produces graphene materials for industrial markets that uses its own propreitary method that results in high-purity materials.

Hexorp currently offers few-layer graphene flakes powder, and is also developing other materials including Graphene Oxide and graphene composites.

NTherma Corporation

NTherma Corporation logoUS-based NTherma produces multi-walled carbon nanotubes and graphene.

NTherma produces graphene flakes (GNPs), graphene ribbons and also graphene-based oil additives.