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Evove company logo imageEvove, formerly called G2O Water, is a UK-based technology company that aims to "transform water globally and harvest suspended resources, creating abundance while helping to decarbonize our economies".

It develops membrane solutions for the creation of more autonomy for industries and communities, reducing global supply dependence for precious minerals and boosting the productivity of water recycling in all sectors.

Its technologies can be used in various applications where water needs to be purified and recycled economically, waste reduced and suspended resources of value reclaimed.

Evove applies graphene oxide coatings and a variety of 3D-printed spacer and insert technologies to enhance the performance of conventional membranes. It is now developing a product line called Separonics, which uses advanced engineering and additive manufacturing techniques to optimize the 3D architecture of ceramic and polymer membranes.


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Techspace One Sci‑Tech Park Keckwick Lane
United Kingdom