Kibaran Resources and the 3D Group jointly launch a new graphene 3D printing research company

It seems that graphene-based 3D printing is heating up. The latest company to conduct research towards this goal is 3D Graphtech Industries, a new company established by Australian miner Kibaran Resources and the 3D Group.

3D Graphtech (which will actually be established later in 2014) will mainly research the use of expanded graphite for the 3D printing process, but will also research the use of graphene. The company will exclusively source its graphite from Kibrana's Tanzania graphite mine. The company will attempt to engage in collaborative research programs and will seek partnership for this development.

So 3D Graphtech is the fourth company we're aware of in this field, Joining Grafoid, Graphene 3D Labs and American Graphite Technologies.

Posted: Jun 24,2014 by Ron Mertens