Nova Graphene to develop graphene-enhanced armor for service animals

Nova Graphene has announced a pivot in their product development strategy. Originally focused on designing 3D-printed graphene-enhanced ballistic armor for human military and law enforcement personnel, Nova has now fast-tracked the development of similar armor specifically designed for service animals.

The team at Nova Graphene decided to expedite animal scanning and prototyping while conducting an early body scan test for their current armor project.


"We've always had plans to develop protective equipment for service animals. They serve on the front lines alongside their human partners, risking their lives for our safety," said CEO Paul Beasant from Nova Graphene "As with their 2-legged counterparts, we are working towards custom printing this armor from 3D body scans, so the fit, comfort, mobility, and survivability are optimized for the wearer."

Nova Graphene's armor, enhanced with graphene, boasts an array of impressive properties. The graphene helps, according to the Company, to drastically improve penetration and impact resistance.

In pivoting to include K9 officers in their development plan, Nova Graphene takes another step towards its vision of widespread graphene adoption in safety technology. "Every member of our team is an animal lover, so this new direction feels both personally meaningful and professionally exciting," Beasant added. "We look forward to the day when every K9 officer is equipped with our graphene-enhanced armor, providing them with the best possible protection."

Posted: Aug 10,2023 by Roni Peleg