Grafoid and Altamat to develop graphene-based 3D printing powders and filaments

Grafoid signed an agreement with Altamat to construct an atomization facility to produce MesoGraf graphene-based powders and filaments for 3D printing. The agreement gives Grafoid an exclusive global right to apply technologies invented by Altamat's Dr. Henein for use in a wide range of functionalized powders for 3D printing applications.

Altamat is an advanced materials manufacturing consultancy founded by Dr. Henein, who has expertise in materials process engineering for metals, metallic alloys and composites. The atomization facility will be built at Grafoid's facility located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Grafoid hopes to supply a wide range of Mesograf-based powders and filaments that will allow manufacturing companies in every industry to utilize additive manufacturing processes to produce their end products on demand, not solely for prototyping purposes.

Grafoid is not the first company to develop graphene-enhanced materials for 3D Printing. Last year AGT launched a similar research project in collaboration with Ukraine's Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology ("KIPT"). Earlier this year Graphene Labs and Lomiko Metals launched a new company called Graphene 3D Labs to develop high-performance graphene-enhanced materials for 3D Printing.

Grafoid recently raised close to $5 million (from Focus Graphite and private investors). Mesograf is Grafoid's graphene-based material announced about 8 months ago.

Posted: Apr 06,2014 by Ron Mertens