Grafoid to mass produce affordable high-quality graphene materials called MesoGraf

Grafoid sent us some very interesting news today as the company launched their graphene-based material platform called MesoGraf. They say that they will able to mass produce high-quality graphene at affordable prices. The National University of Singapore (NUS) launched new spin-off company called Graphite Zero which will handle the development and production of MesoGraf. Grafoid holds the majority stake in the new company, and will handle business development and marketing for the new material.

Grafoid says that they have managed to create a low-cost process that will enable them to mass produce graphene Mesograf materials. They say that their one-step chemical process is non-destructive and is environmentally sustainable.

Graphite Zero uses Focus Metal's high quality graphite to produce graphene (but they say that any graphite with a quality grade of 10% of higher is suitable for the process). Grafoid says that independent tests confirmed that MesoGraf materials are of high quality and have high energy density and unique physical characteristics.

They are already working with partners on applications for the new material - for example they are working with Hydro-Quebec's IREQ institute to develop a quick-charge long-life lithium-iron phosphate battery (for electronic vehicles and consumer electronics).

Grafoid are developing a new MesoGraf-plastic material in collaboration with Rutgers University. This was announced in December 2011, but Grafoid will release more information soon. Together with the University of Waterloo, Grafoid launched a two-year joint venture to investigate graphene substitutions for graphite for a number of applications, as well as MesoGraf functionalization.

Posted: May 26,2013 by Ron Mertens