XG Sciences' CEO updates us on the company's latest graphene materials, customers and future plans

US-based graphene developer XG Sciences recently made headlines with a production expansion announcement - and an exciting deal with Ford to supply it with graphene-enhanced parts for the latest the Mustang and F-150 automobiles.

XG Sciences production site, Lansing MI

We have reached out to XGS' CEO, Philip Rose, who was kind enough to answer a few questions we had regarding the company's latest materials, plans and business.

Avanzare starts construction of graphene production plant

Avanzare has started construction of its new 10,000 square meters graphene production plant in Navarrete Spain.

Avanzare starts construction of graphene production plant image

Avanzare is a supplier of high-performance nanomaterials, nanotechnology-based solutions provider and Graphene Flagship partner. In 2016, Avanzare introduced a graphene additive for industrial resins used for corrosion-resistant tanks and pipes for storage and transport of potentially explosive chemicals.

First Graphene receives large PureGRAPH order

First Graphene logo imageFirst Graphene has reported a large purchase order for 2,000 kg (2 tonnes) of PureGRAPH range products from newGen for delivery during 2019. FGR states that this order represents a step change in the business as it starts to scale up for larger size orders. In addition, FGR says that the premium price to be received pursuant to the order "debunks the myth that graphene is expensive".

As previously reported, FGR is working closely with newGen Group to provide performance enhancement to their existing products. newGen Group has recently introduced a branded Amour-GRAPH product range of wear liners for bucket wheel, pipe spools and conveyor applications.

GraphenTech to give away free graphene samples, in search for future collaborations

GraphenTech logoGraphenTech, a company based in the Netherlands that produces Graphene (from 2 to 7 layers), has come out with a rather surprising announcement: It will be distributing free graphene samples to companies or research organizations looking to develop graphene-based products.

The Company explains that the objective of this initiative is to prepare future collaborations before producing graphene at a large scale after the success of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Chinese materials company opens new graphene plant in Heilongjiang

Chinese coke company Baotailong New Materials has completed construction of a USD$9.6 million graphene production project in the north of the country and has launched trial-stage operations.

Baotailong completed all work on the facility located in its hometown of Qitaihe in northern Heilongjiang province at the end of last month, the firm said in a statement. The plant boasts an annual graphene output of 50 tons.