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First Graphene logo imageFirst Graphene (FGR), previously First Graphite and in the past was also MRL, aims to become a high quality graphite miner from its Sri Lankan mine prospects, and a graphene producer. The company uses an electrochemical exfoliation to produce high quality graphene from the mined Sri Lankan graphite.

FGR is a public company trading in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: FGR). In November 2017, FGR opened a new commercial graphene facility.

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First Graphene to test new graphene product designed for cement with Breedon Group

First Graphene has announced a third trial with one of the United Kingdom’s largest cement producers, Breedon Group, which will test an optimized formulation of the Company’s PureGRAPH-CEM® product under full-scale production conditions. This trial builds on the work recently conducted in exclusive collaboration with Breedon at its Hope Plant, which confirmed the Company’s ability to produce graphene enhanced cement at an industrial scale.

The third trial incorporates the technical and practical experiences obtained in the first two trials to further optimize the performance of First Graphene’s graphene nanoplatelets. The trial will primarily focus on testing a new grade of graphene, PureGRAPH-CEM®, under full- scale cement production conditions at Breedon’s Hope Cement Works facility in Derbyshire, United Kingdom.

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First Graphene reports positive results from graphene-enhanced cement trials in the UK

First Graphene has announced that continued positive results have been reported in field trials of its graphene enhanced cement.
The graphene enhanced concrete slab, which incorporates the Company’s PureGRAPH, reportedly continues to perform well, reaching over 200 days in operation at a wheel washing facility at a major highway infrastructure project in South East England.

A core sample (L), and samples being removed from the graphene enhanced concrete slab in the UK. Image credit: First Graphene

The slab has maintained its strength and integrity, with a complete absence of defects, damage or deterioration reported by scientists and engineers investigating the project. The concrete slab was prepared using a graphene enhanced CEM II A/L concrete mixture, produced by Breedon during site trials last year.

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First Graphene announces low-cost, high-performing graphene-based electrocatalysts

First Graphene has developed a low-cost, high-performing graphene-based electrocatalyst that targets the rapidly growing production of ‘green hydrogen’ by water electrolysis. Electrocatalysts are used to produce ‘green hydrogen’, but currently require high-cost rare metals such as iridium and ruthenium which can drive up operating costs. First Graphene’s solution uses its PureGRAPH® technology to produce higher-performing, affordable electrocatalysts.

First Graphene has completed a 12-month project in the United Kingdom to develop low-cost, high-performing electrocatalysts for hydrogen production.

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First Graphene announces successful production of multi-kilogram quantities of graphene oxide

First Graphene has reported the successful production of multi-kilogram quantities of graphene oxide at the Company’s Henderson facility in Western Australia.

Building on existing manufacturing expertise, First Graphene identified a new route to manufacturing graphene oxide materials using the Company’s existing capabilities, opening an expanded range of commercial opportunities. The graphene oxide product was manufactured in a cost-effective, scalable, and repeatable process that produces a consistent product with minimal waste streams.

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First Graphene reports positive results of independent study into the performance of graphene-based electrocatalysts for the generation of green hydrogen

First Graphene has announced details of an independent study into the performance of graphene-based electrocatalysts for the generation of green hydrogen. The study by the Centre for Process Innovation UK (“CPI”) showed electrodes composed of First Graphene’s metal-oxide doped graphene reduced the amount of power required to produce hydrogen from the electrolysis of water.

Analysis by the CPI has confirmed metal-oxide doped graphene materials from First Graphene can reduce overpotential, which is a measurement of energy efficiency of the electrolyser, by 43%. Improvements to the process were also identified that can increase throughput by 64%, reduce raw material costs by 50% and broaden metal oxide options in the product, providing a cost-effective commercial solution for the green hydrogen industry.

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First Graphene updates on the conclusion of second phase of graphene-enhanced cement trials and other ongoing projects

First Graphene has completed the second phase of its graphene-enhanced cement trials, alongside the UK’s largest cement producer Breedon Cement. The first phase demonstrated a 15% reduction in carbon emissions and 10% increase in cement strength, reinforcing graphene-enhanced cement as a lower-carbon solution for construction companies around the world. The material made during the Phase One trials also successfully met performance criteria in the end systems, demonstrating the viability of producing graphene-enhanced cement at industrial scale.

The Phase Two trials used four tonnes of grinding aid containing PureGRAPH® to produce an additional 600 tonnes of graphene-enhanced cement at the production scale. The focus was on the optimization of dosing methods at an increased graphene loading level, with the resulting formulation change in the grinding aid. This stage builds on the learnings from earlier work, with results expected in January 2024 which will be used to compare performance to the Phase One trials.

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First Graphene enters graphene-enhanced cement agreement with Breedon Group

First Graphene has announced it has entered a Joint Development and Commercialization Agreement with the UK’s largest cement manufacturer, Breedon Group at their Hope Cement Works in the Peak District National Park.

The agreement will facilitate First Graphene’s development of a range of graphene-enhanced solutions to reduce the clinker factor of Breedon’s cement and as a result reduce its carbon emissions footprint.

Read the full story Posted: Oct 12,2023

First Graphene reports positive results from first phase of graphene-enhanced cement trials

First Graphene has announced positive results from the first phase of the Company’s graphene enhanced cement trials in the United Kingdom.
Approximately 600 tonnes of graphene enhanced cement was produced at the UK's largest cement processing facility, operated by Breedon Cement. Graphene was consistently dosed and dispersed into a cement grinding mill using standard process equipment.

It was reported that during the production trials, the PureGRAPH® enhanced grinding aid performed adeptly, maintaining a consistent and highly stable feed. The operating conditions remained unchanged during the dispersion of graphene, and the cement produced conformed with Breedon’s strict
quality control parameters.

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First Graphene enters MOU with UAE's EMDAD for Kainos tech development

First Graphene (FGR) has announced it has signed a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Abu Dhabi-headquartered integrated services provider EMDAD Group (EMDAD).

The agreement brings the parties together to collaboratively develop and provide a proposal to fund, design, build and commission a small scale, hydrodynamic cavitation reactor using First Graphene’s Kainos Technology. The proposal will ultimately lead to the commissioning of a reactor that will convert petroleum feedstock from oil producers to battery grade graphite, graphene and hydrogen.

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India-based graphene batteries startup secures $300,000 for advancing product commercialization

Dreamfly Innovations, a graphene battery startup, has secured $300,000 in funding through a round led by Rebalance Angel Community, with participation from IIM Ahmedabad’s CIIE.CO (Center for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship). 

The startup intends to utilize this capital for product commercialization and expanding its team. Dreamfly’s primary objective is to revolutionize the future of energy by employing software-defined battery (SDB) technology.

Read the full story Posted: Sep 16,2023