First Graphene logo imageFirst Graphene has announced that its Commercial Graphene Facility (CGF) was officially opened on Thursday 23 November 2017.

In his remarks at the opening FGR Chairman, Warwick Grigor stated “This Facility represents both the completion of one journey and the commencement of another.”. Mr Grigor went on to explain the first part of the journey had commenced in May 2015 when testing of FGR’s was undertaken at the University of Adelaide. “The tests were done, and they confirmed that not only could graphene be recovered, but of the 50 or more types of graphite that Professor Dusan Losic and his team had tested, the vein graphite gave the best results.”


First Graphene

I presume First Graphene is a new name or a new company created by First Graphite. Both have used the FGR symbol and both operate in Australia.

Yes this is the same company,

Yes this is the same company, they changed the name a little while back...

First Graphene Facility

What exactly does the facilty do?

The Swinburne graphene super capacitor needs graphene and these will be good for increasing the power density of lithium iron energy storage systems, reducing the thermal loads on Li-Ions cells for light weight vehicles, not wanting to compromise handling, aerodynamics etc.

First Graphene Facility

The facility is for graphene production, the factory has a capacity upto 90 tpa, CAPEX is expected to be under $1mil AUD.

Here is a link to FGR's latest Wholesale investor presentation

Versarien - Think you know graphene? Think again!Versarien - Think you know graphene? Think again!