Agar Scientific launches a new range of graphene-oxide support films for TEM

Agar Scientific, a supplier of accessories for microscopy, launched a new range of graphene oxide (GO) support films for TEM. Those new films have been developed in collaboration with the University of Warwick.

Agar says that the new GO film provides a thinner support film of higher mechanical strength, electrical and thermal conductivity compared to support films made from other materials. Agar GO support films are available on holey and lacey carbon and Quantifoil support films.

The new films are manufactured in Agar's Stansted laboratories using a unique application method. The films are hydrophilic and ideally suited to imaging of small nanoparticles, nanowires and suspensions. Their low atomic number and thin-layer thickness result in significantly lower background contrast than conventional supports.

Soruce: LabMate-Online

Posted: Aug 21,2013 by Ron Mertens