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Another success in the field of industrial applications of graphene was announced by Advanced Graphene Products (AGP). Thanks to the latest research results, new investments and demand generated by AGP’s R&D projects, the company launches a second production line. This is a significant step to the start of industrial production of very high quality graphene material with properties most similar to theoretical graphene.

The new production line introduces an upgraded and improved graphene thermal reactor, which will increase the overall quality of HSMG® samples, but also double the production capacity. As early as February 2018, it will be possible to produce graphene sheets of unprecedently large sizes and higher quality. Pre-orders have already started! You can submit one by contacting the company through the address located at the bottom of the article.

About the company

AGP combines the knowledge and expertise of leading graphene research centers with business/industrial approach. Moreover, AGP is the only HSMG® (High Strength Metallurgical Graphene®) manufacturer in the world.

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The metallurgical method

The quality of the HSMG® graphene is incomparably higher than the material produced with other methods commonly used (e.g. chemical vapor deposition). HSMG® structure has a quasi-monocrystalline structure (no visible grain borders). During the production process, large monocrystalline flakes (up to 1mm) forming a uniform and continuous layer have been observed. The production method has significantly suppressed overlapping of the graphene particles, achieving up to five times better results in tensile tests compared to graphene produced with CVD methods.

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HSMG® can be easily introduced to new materials and transferred to multiple substrates. Thanks to its mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, HSMG® has potential to be widely used in various industrial applications.


While AGP confirms that the new production unit will be present at their facilities late October, the production line is expected to be fully operational mid-February., The company is accepting pre-orders for this improved graphene material. In order to submit your request, simply contact us at

Those wishing to learn more about HSMG’s g properties and the way it can be used in their scientific or business activities, can find out more at