Archer Materials

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Archer Exploration logo imageArcher Materials, formerly called Archer Exploration, develops mineral resources and its vision is to develop and integrate advanced materials for use in reliable energy, human health, and quantum technologies for the betterment of society.

Archer's business activities span the development of a number of critical minerals and materials, including graphite, cobalt, manganese, copper, and magnesite from exploration through to development and commercialization.

In October 2018, Archer announced that it has entered into a material transfer agreement with a leading German biotechnology company, regarding Archer’s graphene-based biosensor. It is not clear if that project is still active as the company did not update it for a while.

Archer Materials is a public company, trading in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:AXE)

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1/28 Greenhill Rd
Wayville WA SA 5034