Business Development Specialist (Graphene Flagship)

Submitted by Roni Peleg on Tue, 01/30/2018 - 10:01

​​​​​​​​​​The ICN2 Strategy Development Office's mission is to anticipate and provide a response to the challenges faced by the Institute on both the long and short term. Under the umbrella of the STD Office, ICN2 is committed to consolidating and extending the capacity of the Business Development Area with the aim of providing assistance for ICN2 researchers in developing and maintaining relationships with industry and the business community, with the ultimate goal of commercializing ICN2 technologies.

With a budget of 1 billion Eur, the Graphene Flagship is Europe's biggest ever research initiative. The Flagship's overriding goal is to take graphene, related layered materials and hybrid systems (GRMs) from a state of raw potential to a point where they can revolutionize multiple industries. This may bring a new dimension to future technology and put Europe at the heart of the process, with a manifold return on the investment as technological innovation, economic exploitation and societal benefits.

ICN2 and Graphene Flagship together are looking for a professional dedicated to developing collaborations with industry players, to facilitate and maximize impact into the European economy, on focus on Biomedical Applications.

Main Tasks and responsibilities:

Reporting to the Head of Innovation of the Graphene Flagship and to the Head of ICN2's Strategy Development Office, in close collaboration with the other business developers and researchers of the field, main task will include:

  • Proactive development of connections with industry and key stakeholders' players in the area Biomedical Applications: company's needs identification and generation of clear proposals for and successful technology transfer process.
  • Understand the existing project portfolio and evaluate its commercial potential for market adoption. This will include proposing, writing, securing funding for and managing commercialization projects/programs of technologies and any associated IPR.
  • Management of patent portfolio through active marketing promotion.
  • Attend to networking events and activities with the aim to strength relations with companies, investors and stakeholders in this technological area.
  • Provide knowhow to researchers and other business development people on how to best enhance commercialization through contract research, IPR licensing, joint ventures and spin-off companies.


  • Full time work (37,5h/week)
  • Contract Length: 2 years.
  • Salary will depend on qualifications and demonstrated experience.
  • Salary according to the cost of living in Barcelona.
  • Support to the relocation issues.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Estimated Incorporation date: Mid-March 2018