After years of intensive R&D efforts, and a slow trickle of graphene devices, we are finally starting to see wider adoption of graphene in many applications. Graphene-enhanced products are entering many markets, including wearables, sensors, audio equipment, medical devices, sports equipment, construction materials and more.

Graphene application types

But using graphene is still a challenge, as adopting the material in the right way in your process is not trivial. In addition, there are many graphene types, each with its own properties, and dozens of different graphene producers (link to the graphene catalog?) each with its own material. Choosing the right material is critical to a graphene project success. Finally, as with many material technologies, these kinds of projects take time and effort to achieve the right results.

If you have used graphene in your device, or are still in the R&D stages - we'd love to hear your story, and we're sure that sharing it with the world's largest graphene community can assist the whole industry to improve. It will be great to hear how graphene is adopted in industrial processes, what kind of graphene is used, and the performance benefits that the material enables.

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Sharing information

It would seem that the biggest barrier to sharing is the whole concept of intellectual property and patents. The original concept of patent may have had good intention, however it has been so corrupted that it completely stifles innovation.

This is probably true. But we

This is probably true. But we're sure there are a lot of interesting products and stories we can share that do not detail any IP or trade secrets!