Cientifica aims to go public in the UK, focus on graphene applications

Cientifica is a UK based company that provides strategic advice services for companies - helping them take advantage of emerging technologies. The company released a graphene investment guide, and now there are reports that the company is aiming to raise £500,000 (about $800,000), focus on graphene applications and go public in the UK's AIM stock exchange.

Cientifica will not make graphene, but try to find applications for the material. Actually, they plan to buy and develop companies that have proved technologies, and they will focus on using graphene in areas like industrial bio-technology (they also mention motor sports and aerospace). The company says they already found several cash-generation acquisitions that are under consideration.

Cientifica will not IPO, but rather take over an existing company called Avia Health Informatics which already lists on the AIM. Cientifica's CEO is Tim Harper. I talked to Tim and he confirmed the reports - and hopefully I'll be able to bring more information soon. It seems that £500,000 is a very small amount for what they want to achieve, and it's not clear whether all those details are correct.

A few days ago we reported that another UK-based company, Applied Graphene Materials (previously Durham Graphene Science) announced plans to go public at UK's AIM - with a plan to raise up to £10 million (about $16 million) in order to increase graphene production capacity and accelerate commercial opportunities. If both companies are successful, we'll finally have pure-play public companies.

Posted: Oct 22,2013 by Ron Mertens