Dotz Nano is now planning to sell its graphene quantum dots into Australia and New Zealand after entering an exclusive distribution agreement with Australia-based Recochem. The agreement between the companies allows for a five-month evaluation period where the companies can explore each other’s performance in the regions’ markets, with a comprehensive agreement to be finalized by June.

Under the initial MoU, Dotz Nano will provide Recochem with samples of its graphene quantum dots for numerous applications, with sales terms to be agreed on a customer-by-customer basis.

Recochem reportedly has a diverse distribution network throughout Australia and the world. The company is also active in Australia’s market for chlorinated benzene production, which is used as an additive in herbicides, dyes and rubber. Recochem also manufactures para-dichlorobenzene and ortho-dichlorobenzene, which can be incorporated in insecticides and removing carbon contamination on metals.

“The use of our graphene quantum dots in the automotive fluids, adhesives and industrial chemicals markets as an anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and product liability protection mechanism is an added value in a large and lucrative market, and Recochem definitely is a market leader in those areas,” Dotz Nano chief executive officer Dr. Moti Gross said.