Dotz Nano reports a successful pilot trial for its graphene-based quantum dots anti-counterfeiting system

Dotz Nano recently reported a successful industrial production pilot to mark special packages with its advanced marker named ValiDotz, to prevent counterfeiting of top brands in China.

Dotz Nano pilot trial image

The production pilot was performed together with Kecai Printing Company (a subsidiary of Brilliant Circle Holding International Limited, the industry leader in China's cigarette packaging industry), at their top-tier Shenzhen facilities, and its results were deemed as a success.

The industrial trial-run was performed on the most utilized printer installed at the customer production site. Validotz markers were efficiently and rapidly integrated into the customer's ink system. This was followed by a successful large-scale printing run on several substrates. The Validotz markers were clearly detected both covert (by UV LED) and Dotz’s dedicated Semi-Forensic Detector (InSpecTM-SF).

This successful industrial pilot is an important step towards proving that our innovative security marking and detecting-solution can effectively address product counterfeiting, which is one of the major threats to global markets today, said Uzi Breier, Dotz CEO.

I am pleased to have successfully tested this innovative technology as the first step towards a commercial cooperation with Dotz said Dr. Peng, VP at Brilliant Circle Holding International, responsible for the Group infrastructure advancement, equipment management and investment, policy research and technology management, and Kecai's General Manager. We take pride at always being at the technology forefront spearheading leading edge technology to protect our brand and our customers he added.

Posted: Jul 17,2018 by Roni Peleg