Fisker's new electric vehicle will have a graphene-based battery

Henrik Fisker, owner of failed automotive venture "Fisker Automotive", said recently that he plans to launch a new electric car company next year to compete with Tesla. According to Fisker, the new electric cars will be powered by a long-range battery that uses graphene to extend its range and life and reduce charging time. The company is targeting a 400-mile driving range between charges.

It was not revealed who is funding this new California-based venture, called Fisker Inc, and a new battery subsidiary, Fisker Nanotech. In an interview, Fisker said his new company plans a battery-powered model aimed at the Tesla Model S, which is priced at about $65,000. He did not specify when production would begin. A second smaller Fisker electric car will follow, Fisker said, and will target the upcoming Tesla Model 3, which is expected to start at about $35,000.

Posted: Oct 05,2016 by Roni Peleg
Henry Dawson (not verified)

The only element an EV lacks is battery technology. Fisker has pulled the right strings to launch his namesake company. Would be an interesting and a game changing innovation!

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