G6 Materials announces testing agreement of GO materials with U.S. Army

G6 Materials has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Graphene Laboratories (GLI), has entered into a Testing Services Agreement (the TSA) with the U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center (U.S. Army ERDC) in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

GLI will be assessing the performance characteristics and quality of graphene oxide (GO) materials in order to help solve environmental challenges. Development of GO materials with superior adsorptive capabilities for the removal of complex contaminants will take place, with 10 specific tests to be conducted by the U.S. Army ERDC on GLI’s GO materials. The project will run for an expected time frame of one year.

Entering into this TSA with the U.S. Army ERDC is exciting and an important milestone for G6. The formalization of this new and strategic relationship with the U.S. Army is the direct result of our acquisition of GX Technologies earlier in 2021. Our team looks forward to starting this project, applying our graphene-related expertise, and assessing the results along with the U.S. Army ERDC, said Daniel Stolyarov, President & CEO of G6 Materials Corp. I would like to thank the personnel in Vicksburg, Mississippi for their professionalism thus far, as well as their keen level of interest in working with GLI. Our expectation is that this TSA is only the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the U.S. Army ERDC, added Mr. Stolyarov.

GLI intends to develop graphene oxide materials that have superior adsorptive capabilities for the removal of complex contaminants, which are of great interest to the U.S. Army ERDC as proposed by their research team.

The Subsidiary expects to focus on three formulations that will differ largely in their degree of oxidation. Subsequently, the U.S. Army ERDC will evaluate the new GO materials developed by GLI under the terms and conditions of the TSA. The U.S. Army ERDC will then provide data packages to GLI as its assessments of batches of the GO materials are completed.

Subject to mutual agreeable modifications to the statement of work within the TSA, GLI’s costs to complete the project shall be paid by the U.S. Army ERDC on a quarterly basis, in advance. Subject to the terms and conditions of the TSA, GLI is entitled to retain all the intellectual property rights developed over course of the project.

Posted: Jan 18,2022 by Roni Peleg