G6 Materials reports positive test results on its GO-based air purifier tech

G6 Materials has announced the results of an antimicrobial efficacy test on a prototype of its proprietary graphene-based air purifier, conducted by a US-based microbiological laboratory of The Intertek Group. The test reportedly showed that the concentration of pathogenic microorganisms present in the testing chamber was reduced by 99.9% over the duration of the experiment.

G6 Materials Air Purifier Prototype Reduces Pathogenic Microorganisms image

Two different pathogens were randomly chosen to be tested under each experiment, which were the E. coli bacteria and the Phi-X174 bacteriophage. The duration of the test was set to two hours.

The Company began developing the proprietary technology contained in the graphene-based air purification prototype in early 2020. The first successful implementation of G6’s unique approach to allow for the incorporation of graphene oxide in an air filtration system for the purpose of improving its antimicrobial performance was previously announced in April 2020. Since then, the Company has filed a provisional patent application that summarizes its proprietary approach.

Daniel Stolyarov, President & CEO of G6 Materials, said: We are excited to receive these positive results from a respected independent laboratory. Now, we are eager to take the next steps toward the commercialization of this technology, including obtaining all necessary licenses, government approvals and accreditations to enable us to bring the product to the market. Currently, we are finalizing the plans to manufacture the graphene-enhanced air purifier and are preparing its initial marketing campaign, more information about which will be announced in the future". I am very proud of our team and appreciate the hard work and dedication that was required from each of them in order to reach this point. We are also proud to develop a product that is capable of making our homes and offices safer in these difficult times, added Mr. Stolyarov.

Posted: Sep 08,2021 by Roni Peleg