GAC establishes graphene unit to develop fast-charging EV Tech

Chinese EV maker Guangzhou Automobile New Energy (GAC), which announced last May that it has developed a graphene-enhanced battery for EVs which will be available for mass production at the end of this year, recently set up a unit that specializes in graphene and has begun research and development of fast-charging technology for electric vehicles.

Guangzhou Juwan Technology Research has registered capital of CNY58.8 million (USD8.6 million), according to statements by the Guangzhou-based company. It specializes in new materials and technologies, graphene and carbon products manufacture, battery production, emerging energy tech R&D, software development and sales of graphene materials.

GAC showed off a super-fast charging battery at its annual tech day in July. Test data showed that it could be charged up to 80% within eight minutes. The battery’s corresponding cores, modules and battery pack samples have since passed preliminary function and performance tests, GAC said.

Juwan Technology will gradually develop its applications in the field of super-fast charging batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells and other fields. In time, it plans for its business to also extend upstream and downstream in the new energy sector chain, GAC said.

Posted: Sep 14,2020 by Roni Peleg